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Furniture Storage in Tenerife

Since 1981 we have been guaranteeing absolute peace of mind to our customers with the most exclusive furniture storage service.

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Furniture Storage Tenerife for Individuals and Businesses

Furniture repositories in Tenerife have become an indispensable for both companies and individuals, whose belongings take up more space than desired or who are simply looking to store them in a safer place.

However, it is not a space that should be chosen at random. On the contrary, it must meet specific requirements. First of all, it must allow for the storage of the type of objects you need to store.

In Magens containers you will have the possibility of keeping all types of furniture and household goods safe, as well as machinery, computer equipment and merchandise in general. But that’s not all. With our furniture storage service in Tenerife South and North, you can also count on the following guarantees:

Surveillance 24/7 365 days a year
• The tightest budgets on the market
• Packaging service
Specialised staff for loading and unloading
Fire insuranceand theft insurance
State-of-the-art security cameras on the premises
• Containers of the dimensions required by each customer
Comprehensive inventory and stock control
Disinfection maintenance
Access restricted to company staff only.

More than 35 years dedicating ourselves to the Furniture Storage and Removal Service.

Professional service, total peace of mind

Benefits of having a Furniture Repository in Tenerife

Having a furniture storage service can be more useful than you think because of the space they can save you in your home or office. Below, we will tell you all the reasons why you should have this storage space:

  • If you are moving house in Tenerife and you have belongings that will no longer be needed in your new home, but you don’t want to throw them away either.
  • If you must move urgently, but your new residence or office is not yet ready due to a lack of supplies or work.
  • Ifyou have large collections of trophies or other belongings that don’t fit in your home.
  • If you find yourself in any other situation where you need to keep your furniture in a furniture repository for more than one month.


El personal estupendo, un trato amable y eficaz.
carlos funes
carlos funes
Hicimos la mudanza desde Tenerife hasta Asturias con Magens. Fue todo estupendo, nos dieron muchas facilidades y salió todo estupendamente. Todo el personal muy amable y muy profesionales. Muchas gracias.
maría jose ventanova
maría jose ventanova
Puntuales, serios, muy profesionales y precio acorde al servicio prestado, totalmente recomendables
Sonia Castilla
Sonia Castilla
Amazing restaurant but the club much is better. Amazing. The best restaurant and club in Bali by Far!!!
pablo hernandez martinez
pablo hernandez martinez
Totalmente recomendable, cumplieron con lo contratado y más!!!!! Cuidadosos, puntuales, rápidos… Haníbal, Suso y Pedro, que equipazo se esforzaron al 1000%. Gracias.
andres felipe garcia londono
andres felipe garcia londono
Excelente desde el minuto uno. Súper profesionales, cuidadosos y rápidos. Transportaron incluso el piano con muchísimo cuidado. Felicitaciones especialmente a los compañeros Roberto Fran y Juan. Absolutamente recomendables.
Daura Mendoza Baquero
Daura Mendoza Baquero
Profesionales desde el primer instante en que los contacte, ofrecen soluciones inmediatas y el precio adecuado al servicio que ofrecen, totalmente recomendados !!!
J.P. Iriarte
J.P. Iriarte
Trabajo minucioso, profesionales tratando las cosas con mucho cuidado y en general un gran servicio. 100% recomendable.
Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have containers to suit any requirement, whether in terms of size or location. All our storage spaces are perfectly conditioned so that your belongings remain both intact and safe.

Yes, at Magens we are not only vigilant in preventing accidents, but we are also prepared to respond in a timely manner to any unforeseen event with our theft and fire insurance.

We have qualified security personnel guarding the facilities. In addition, we reinforce the protection of your property with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras for 24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year.

Before we put any objects into our containers, we make 100% sure that they are spotless. But that’s not all. We periodically carry out disinfections and pest control in our facilities so that nothing affects your belongings.

Yes, in fact, not only are we an authorised furniture storage company, but we also work with all types of removals and are registered with prestigious institutions such as the Asociación Canaria de empresas de Mudanzas (ACM) and the Confederación Española de Transportes de Mercancías (CETM). All this allows us to offer you a high quality removal or storage service.

Yes, more than 35 years of experience are our guarantee and have positioned us as a true benchmark in the storage and removals sector.

Differences between Storage and Warehousing

Both are different services that can be adjusted to different requirements. We will now tell you how to distinguish between them.

First of all, bear in mind that in the storage rooms the access of customers to their container has no limitations and they can access it whenever they want. This can be detrimental to security, as there is a considerable volume of people moving around the premises constantly.

On the other hand, in furniture repositories access is limited and the people handling the objects are almost always authorised personnel. This is how they manage to guarantee maximum protection for your belongings.

In storage rooms, customers do not usually require an expert to carry out an inventory to measure and study the goods to be stored. This is necessary in a furniture repository, as this way you have better control of the storage.

We also carry out removals in...

Strategic Alliances

We are members of the Asociación Canaria de empresas de Mudanzas (ACM) and we are also registered in the Confederación Española de Transportes de Mercancías (CETM).

Mudanzas Magens is also a member of the Federación de empresarios de Transportes de la Provincia de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (FET), the Federación Española de Empresas de Mudanzas (FEDEM), FEDEMAC European Movers and Tenerife European Movers.

This is how each of our processes is guaranteed by all the legal guarantees and endorsements.

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